Timber Rush Project: Four draft papers presented at the International FLARE Conference at Copenhagen University in Denmark

The Timber Rush Project is approaching three years of its implementation. After intensive period of literature reviews and field work; the project team members are developing manuscripts for consideration towards publishing and subsequently for purposes of disseminating the findings to the wider readership. Six project team members (Esbern, Susan, Rasmus, Dismas Jens and Boukje) participated in the 4th Annual Flare Network Meeting conducted from 17th to 20th October 2018 at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Three draft papers were presented at the plenary and one paper as a poster presentation

Esbern Friis Hansen listening to one of the presentation during the FLARE Meeting

Dr. Esbern Friis-Hansen listening to one of the presentation during the FLARE Meeting held at the University of Copenhagen, 17-19 October, 2018

Timberrush Project Field Experiences

The following clip shows our research team being challenged by climate during the project's survey in Kilolo District

Respikius Martin Pressentation

Information is power: Our PhD students’ participation in different workshops to share some research findings from the Timber Rush Project


Mr. Respikius Martin, a PhD student who is sponsored by our project did a poster presentation on “Regulations and Timber Trading” during the 23rd REPOA’s Annual Research Workshop held at Ledger Plaza Hotel, Dar es Salaam. The research presentation was part of his ongoing doctoral research which is currently conducted in Njombe and Iringa Regions.

This Annual Research Workshop was organized by the Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA) which is an independent research institution in Tanzania, from 4th – 5th April 2018 attracting different participants (academicians, researchers, practitioners and policy makers) from within and outside the country. The theme for the 23rd Annual Research Workshop was “Towards an Industrialized Society by 2025: Why National Competitiveness Matters”.

Such particular events have served as platforms for exchanging research findings, knowledge, as well as for networking among development stakeholders aiming at facilitating socio-economic developments.

“We are acknowledging and commending Mr. Respikius Martin for such efforts has shown in disseminating part of our research project’s results"

The Annual Conference of the Timber Rush Project

The Annual Conference of the Timber Rush Project; held at Primary Health Care Institute, Iringa Region (December 04, 2017).

This juncture served as a platform for sharing the preliminary findings with invited stakeholders