PhD and MA Seminar Presentations


Kindly be informed that three (4) PhD and one (1) MA students will present their Research Proposal and Research Findings on Thursday (24th June, 2021) starting from 08:00 am at the Post graduate Seminar room (Administration Building 3rd floor), SUA Main Campus.

Bachelor of Arts in Development Planning and Management visit study

visit study

Visit –Morogoro Municipality

On 8th June 2021, 25 first-year students:  Bachelor of Arts in Development Planning and Management (BA.DPM) of SUA got an opportunity to visit Morogoro Municipality to study how Municipalities and districts participate in National Development planning in Tanzania using a bottom-up approach. The topic is part of the DPM: 103 course, Introduction to National Development planning. Specifically, the aim was to learn how the communities at the grassroots participate in development planning and budgeting. The head of the Department: Planning, Statistics and Monitoring, Mr. Jeremiah Lubeleje (an Economist), and two other Economists: Mr. Raphael Kunambi and Mr. Reuben Urasa, facilitated the training. A plenary session followed the lecture. Indeed, it was a valuable discussion since it was practical-oriented. Generally, it was an inspiring conversation since students understood why there is heterogeneity in development at the grassroots, the value of their degree program, and their roles in the community as prospective planners. Interestingly, Mr. Lubeleje recommended that, students should devote more time studying Mathematics. ‘’we cannot have planners who do not know Mathematics’’.



Mr Justin Edward Lusasi award Doctor of Philosophy degree of Sokoine University of Agriculture

PhD and MA Seminar Presentations


Hafidh S. Munisi, Master's Student,  He present  Knowledge and practices on water sanitation, hygiene and waterborne diseases among under five children in Temeke District, Dar es Salaam.

Consesa Richard

Consesa Richard, PhD Student , She present Enhancing smallholder farmer’s competitiveness in rice value chain through agricultural marketing co-operative societies in Mbeya Region

Viva voce Presentation Mr. Justin E. Lusasi



Following the urbanization growth, the regional demand for construction materials i.e. poles and timbers from Eucalyptus and Pinus tree species piled up, exceeding the capacity of supply from Sao Hill plantations, by then the only largest supplier. To cover the deficit, the construction industries from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda resorted to few existing private woodlots most of which belonged to smallholders. Early sells by smallholders were at high prices, which connoted tree planting a lucrative business. Thus many people, companies and institutions resorted to purchase land for tree planting, the surge that influenced Timber rush research. This study analysed empirical research on transactions of village land for planting timber trees hence timber farming and its implications to members of local communities of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

I started the research on land transactions for tree planting in October 2017, the research that took me to three regions; Iringa, Njombe and Ruvuma. In Iringa I did my research in Mufindi and Kilolo Districts. In Njombe I went to Njombe, Wanging’ombe and Makete Districts while in Ruvuma I went to Madaba of Songea District. As for academic outputs, the research has come up with five main typologies of domestic investors, motives for land transactions among smallholders and implications of land transactions to involved households of Southern highlands Tanzania.  



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