Farmers’ graduation and field day, conducted in Mvomero District and Morogoro Municipality

DVC mwatawala

The Guest of Honour, Prof. Maulid Mwatawala (standing), giving a word of appreciation to RECODA for their cooperation with SUA through the SUA-RECODA MoU under which, RIPAT-SUA project was operating. On this occasion, 352 farmers were awarded certificates for their remarkable achievements with regard to implementation of technologies promoted under the RIPAT-SUA project. From far left is Municipal Agriculture Irrigation and Cooperatives Officer, Mr. Michael Waluse, Dr. Dominick Ringo (Director of RECODA) and Prof S.J. Kabote (CSSH Principal). Photo by Daniel Masunzu, 25/6/2021

changalawe cssh sua

The Guest of Honour, on the left, visits Amani group’s demonstration plot in Changarawe village, Mzumbe ward. On the right, the Guest of Honour (in black) observing a water pan which is used to harvest rainwater for irrigation during the dry season.

field CSSH SUA

Prof. Maulid Mwatawala observing a key hole garden by a member of Amani group.

exhbition recoda farmer show

A farmer explaining to the Guest of Honour how agricultural produce like bananas and orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are processed as a way to add value to the same.

 Dr. Emmanuel Malisa SUA

Project Coordinator, Dr. Emmanuel Malisa, presenting the RIPAT-SUA project progress to the Guest of Honour.

choir farmer cssh SUA

Prof Kabote

The principal of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Prof. Samwel Kabote (standing), talking to the graduating farmers about the RIPAT-SUA project. He assured them that SUA will endlessly continue with research that is meant to address remaining and emerging farmers’ production and marketing challenges.

farmer certificates recoda cssh sua

Ms. Asha Forogwe, one of the graduating farmers, receives a certificate from the Guest of Honour.